How to buy a mattress as a couple

Purchasing a mattress as a couple can be a tough task, especially if both you and your better half enjoy different firmness types. You put into consideration which mattress will function well for intimacy activities, motion transfer, the price, the design and other factors. Here are some major highlights that make a mattress suitable for couples.

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The movement transfer

Movement transfer is a really big consideration when choosing a mattress as a couple. No one wants to roll over and awake their better half, or be awoken by the movements of their partner. A mattress with minimal motion transfer is a great benefit for a lot of couples. A mattress that is able to reduce movement can make the difference between having good sleep and having insomnia.

To avoid motion transfer, choose memory foam mattresses. This material assists in absorbing movement and weakening any energy that attempts to go across the mattress. Memory foam, however, has a unique texture that doesn’t please everyone.

You can instead purchase latex, hybrid or polymer type of mattress if you don’t like memory foam. These forms of mattresses give noticeable improvement over the ordinary coil mattresses.

The support

A perfect mattress should support your body evenly in all sleeping positions. It should help maintain an even spinal alignment.

Support at times should go a step further when considering couples. This is because a couple puts extra pressure on the mattress, which needs better support. This is increasingly important for heavy sleepers who sleep as a couple on a Full size mattress.

A heavier sleeper may move towards the center of the mattress creating a downward slope, the less heavy sleeper might in turn end up rolling into the other person. This can result in more movement transfer and spoil the support and feel of the mattress for the couple. It is therefore important for couples who are heavier sleepers to choose a mattress with great backing and materials.

Intimacy activities

In choosing a mattress as a couple, intimacy is an important consideration. No couple wants to buy a crappy mattress. Bounce, response, backing and comfort plays a big role for couples engaging in intimacy.

Great mattress support adds to intimacy activity performance. The mattress should be able to carry the weight of the couple positioned in generally the same position on the mattress.

The firmness and texture

Probably the greatest factor in choosing a mattress as a couple is mostly the feel and firmness. All the other factors do not really matter, if in the end you are not comfortable.

Those are just some of the considerations to make. To enjoy sleep while with your significant other, it is important to be clever when choosing a mattress as a couple.


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